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Westpac Lost Super

Superannuation is not the most exciting topic but once we retire it quickly becomes one of the most important and at that point if you haven’t saved for it, it is too late. Westpac is committed to helping Australians with their superannuation and this involves reuniting the millions of Australians who have lost super.

Each year MAP is tasked to originate a campaign which makes Australians sit up and take notice of lost superannuation.

We have created a 20 metre cubed block of cash to represent the billions of dollars; spelt out $23 billion in (representative) cash; and found out how much lost super is in each Australian postcode to make lost super meaningful and help our crusade to help Australians find their lost super.

The campaign has resulted in thousands of Australians finding lost super, many finding tens of thousands of dollars which will benefit their retirement.